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Kids Boot Camp - Parkside Middle School Bromsgrove Girls

Kids Kick Start Boot Camp is a fun, active and educational way to increase the importance of Health and Fitness.

Working with all ages in schools around the Midlands area we turn exercise and nutrition into subjects that the pupils want to learn more about.

Who'd have thought you'd be laughing and joking when exercising?

Every school we have been to the teachers will always inform us that they are a few pupils that just don't enjoy exercise. Yet when they see the camouflage nets, space hoppers and other forms of equipment they are astounded by their enthusiasm, knowledge and love for the exercises.

Let's keep exercise fun for children and young people and keep that element of competition there too.

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Kids Boot Camp Parkside Middle School Bromsgrove

We specialise in health and fitness for kids and young people. Every session provides each pupil with fun rewarding exercises whilst educating them about the benefits of good food.

Without even knowing it, they know exactly what is good for you and what isn't. Over a period of 4-6 weeks, they know more than their parents. ;-)

All pupils are provided with certificates, a Kick Start Boot Camp T-shirt

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Kevin Raison shows Boot Camp to Birmingham ITV

Take a look at Boot Camp staring Kevin Raison on ITV Birmingham.

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Kick Start Boot Camp-The ultimate sports drink

To perform to a high standard we need to keep ourselves hydrated and alkalised. Yet some of the most popular sports drinks tend to do the complete opposite. This is the shocking truth about most sports drinks and why they make you feel worse!

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Kevin Raison interviews Phil Richards

If you ever wanted to know what the worlds leading nutritionist and renown strength and conditioning coach, Phil Richards thinks about performance, training and sports drinks. Well, lucky've sturck gold. If you're lucky enough to spend time with Phil Richards as I was, I promise you you're whole way of thinking will change for the better.
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Phil Richards Trains Kevin Raison on Super Yoke

Phil Richards Trains Kevin Raison on Super Yoke
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Still want to drink tap water? This is shocking!!!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into drinking the water from the tap. The electrons pull out the particles that contaminate the water. Although the water board companies know about can see why they don't want YOU to know.

For the record, normal tap water was used and put through a water filter, which completely eliminated all hormones, chlorine, fluoride etc.
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Kids and young peoples Boot Camps

Exercise should be enjoyable, something thats makes you want to do it again and again. At Warley Woods, Bearwood, West Midlands we provide Free Boot Camp for young people between the ages of 8-18 years.

Each game and exercise plan works around education about healthy living thorugh nutriton and exercise.

Without even knowing it, they learn about healthy eating as a game ...not a chore
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Sub 10 Accumulator

Complete 6 exercises with the correct weight ratio and reps for each in less than 10 minutes.

You can rest whenever you like
You can go as fast or as slow as you like..
If you don't complete it within 10 minutes....YOU FAIL!

What can you achieve in 10 minutes?

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Bodyweight Combo

Body weight exercises are great for raising the metabolism. Combo bodyweight exercises are even better as we use even more muscles. Although we use tractors tyres, sleds, kettlebells, powerbags medicine balls, etc,. We still love Bodyweight exercises..
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Correct way to do half push ups

To make sure you do a push up correctly you need to position yourself correctly first. For many this is quite hard to do, so Kevin has come up with a way to test yourself to make sure you're in the right position before starting
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Romanian Dead Lift

The RDL can often be a hard exercise to coach when clients have no awareness of their body's positioning. The main cause being, not pushing the hips back far enough. Kevin shows us a method he uses to get people mastering the RDL
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Great Bum Part 1

Trying to get a great bum can be a real pain in the ..... but unfortunately for most, not literally. The main reason is due to the excessive tightness of muscles that inhibit the glutes muscles. Meaning you've never get that tight peachy bum.
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Great Bum Part 2

These basic exercises will retrain the muscles in your bum to start working again. When training it is important to walk before you can run and the glutes are no exception. Tackle these basic exercises and qualify for part 3.
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Kick Start Boot Camp Program Guide

With sessions from 20 minutes to 60 minutes we can have you working harder achieving more results than ever before and freeing up your evenings and spare time, with Boot Camp To You
Bringing Boot Camp to you, with Kevin Raison.
Kids Boot Camp
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